Automatıc bag-ın-box fıllıng machıne

The sample machine photo (for your reference only)

2.1 The introduction and main feature of the machine and main feature
The introduction and main feature of the automatic bag-in-box filling machine is similar with the semi-automatic bag-in-box filling machine The model Automatic can automatically complete pulling out the tab, vacuum pumping, quantitative filling and pressing the tap in place and therefore enjoys a high level of automation; while the model Semi-automatic needs manual operation in the process of tab pulling out, filling and tab pressing which has low degree automation though with the same function else.

2.2 Main technical parameter
Filling quantity range: 2L—25L
Filling precision: ±0.5%
Filling speed: 180—200 bags/hour (when filling 5L bags)
Material entrance pressure: ≤0.3-0.35 Mpa
Power: ≤ 0.38KW
Supply voltage: AC220V/50Hz±10%
Air consumption: 0.2 m3/min
Operating pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa

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