Powder Packıng Machıne PPM B40 & B150

Powder packing machine is widely applied for food, pharmacy medicine, or chemical products in mesh size range from 120 to 400, such as milk powder, soya powder, cosmetics powder, slimming tea, medical powder, seasoning powder etc.

Control system with English display screen, stainless steel body, after the parameters(filling amount and length of bag) are set at the display setting unit, the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving best packaging speed. Reliable and stable photoelectric check detecting system, assuring complete logo of the packing bags. Controlled by intelligent temperature controller, automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, marking, cutting and counting.

Sealing type:
Three sides, four sides, pillow

Packaging material:
Pet/aluminum foil/PE pet/PP/nylon and other materials can be heat sealed.

Technical Specification:


Bag Size:L: 55-110mm
W: 30-80mm
L: 80-140mm
W: 60-120mm
Capacity:35-70 Bags/min35-60 Bags/min
Filling Range:1-40ml30-80ml
Power:220V, 50Hz, 1.9Kw220V, 50Hz, 1.9Kw
Dimension (L*W*H):900*700*1650(mm)900*700*1650(mm)
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