Semı-automatıc bag-ın-box fıllıng machıne

The sample machine photo (for your reference only)

1. 1 The introduction of the machine
It employs a flow meter to control the quantity of material released in each discharge, and features high filling precision, intuitive and easy moves to set up and adjust the filling quantity. It can be widely used in bag-in-box filling applications for such liquid materials as wine, edible oil, fruit juice, additives, milk, syrup, alcoholic beverages and concentrated seasonings.

1.2 Construction:
This machine consists of a stainless steel frame, an electric control system, an uncapping/capping system, a quantitative filling system, and a vacuum pumping system.

1.3 Performance and features:
1). It features a beautiful appearance thanks to a housing and a machine frame fabricated with quality stainless steel; all tubing contacting the material is made of 304# stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes, which helps realize cleaning in place (CIP) and comply with hygienic standards for food;

2). It enables completion of multiple process steps at one operating position, including pulling out the tap, vacuum pumping, quantitative filling, pressing the tap in place, and others, and thereby enjoys ease of operation;

3). Thanks to use of a flow meter to control the volume of material released in each discharge, the machine features high filling precision at high speed, easy and convenient moves to set up and adjust the filling quantity;

4). All its pneumatic and electric parts and components are imported products of well-known international brands and guarantee stable performance, excellent reliability and durability;

5). The machine can conduct vacuum pumping on the bags before they are filled, thereby helping extend the shelf life of the product. It also enables addition of a nitrogen charging system according to the customer’s requirements (customized on the basis of the standard configuration);

1.4 Main technical parameter
Filling quantity range: 2L—25L
Filling precision: ±0.5%
Filling speed: 160—180 bags/hour (when filling 5L bags)
Material entrance pressure: ≤0.3-0.35 Mpa
Power: ≤ 0.38KW
Supply voltage: AC220V/50Hz±10%
Air consumption: 0.2 m3/min
Operating pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa

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